WordPress Site Speed Testing Tools

The speed with which your WordPress site loads is of utmost importance, especially if you wish to keep all your customers within your website. It is quite common for a user to hit the Back button and head over to another site, simply because a site is taking too long to load. With increased internet speeds in the current times, very few people have the will and patience to wait for a sluggish site. All that said, it is obvious that the next step to take in order to ensure that your website does not fall victim is to carry out a speed test.

WordPress site speed test tools

There are various tools which you can use to carry out a speed test on your WordPress site. Using a couple of tools instead of just one to determine the speed is probably the best thing to do before reaching to a conclusion. A few examples of the tools that you can use include;

  • Google developers Page Speed Insight

This is a simple and efficient tool that will help in the analysis of the performance of your website, both on mobile devices and desktop. Recommendations that are easy to follow are made afterwards using a simple scoring system. The scores by Google are also based on a large data cross-section and based on items that they feel are more important.

  • Webpage test

This is an open source project that has the full support of Google. It only takes a few minutes for a thorough analysis on the website performance to be carried out. Its major strength is its ability to pinpoint the causes slowing down your site.

  • Pingdom

This has a paid option for more advanced analysis including up-time monitoring and notification, real-time monitoring and mobile monitoring apps among others.

An alternative to check out-  Recently, WP Engine(one of best managed WordPress hosting provider) have launched new WordPress Speed Test tool and It helps you to evaluate the root causes of decreasing site speed. This tool is incredibly helpful for site owners to recognize the causes of the additional load time.

Test your website with the WP Engine WordPress Speed Test

Speed tests help you to optimize your website in terms of speed. This in turn helps to rank your site higher on search engine results of Google based on the fact that speed is incorporated in their ranking algorithm. The user experience is also greatly improved with faster load times. Happy customers lead to a growth in traffic which ultimately, is what you desire.

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