WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org :w What is the Difference?

WordPress is a platform used for publishing which makes the process of publishing an easy one. Currently, it powers millions of websites. There are two versions of it, WordPress.com which is fully hosted and WordPress.org which is a self-hosted version that uses a freely available software. This two options are both great and it can be quite a challenge when it comes to choosing which one is better for you. In order to help with that decision, three of the most important considerations are discussed below.

Important considerations

  • Cost comparison

In terms of cost, you will need to consider four areas associated with each; domain name, storage space, hosting and removal of ads

The least expensive option is the Basic WordPress.com which is offered for free. This is the best option particularly for someone who does not need a custom domain name and also has no problem using the free themes available without customizations.

If a site with all the full features is what you want, including your own domain name, no ads and unlimited storage, then WordPress.com can prove to be quite expensive but easy to set up. To greatly reduce the cost, a WordPress download from WordPress.org will do the trick.

  • Limitations and freedoms

The choice between WordPress.com and WordPress.org can be greatly influenced by the type of site you wish to have. Your goals might make you lean more towards getting lots of freedom ranging from customization of design to tweaking the files or database of your site.

WordPress.com has free site hosting but it comes with a lot of restrictions. WordPress.org on the other side has lots of freedom that allows for scaling of server and hosting plans. This makes it the best for anyone who wishes to have freedom and full control of their site.

  • Development and maintenance

WordPress.com eliminates all the maintenance problems as it is all handled for you. For the self-hosted sites, you get to do everything on your own. You can however, make use of some managed hosting solutions which are availed to help you out.

With both choices, there is no need of worrying about the development for continuous improvements as an attempt to match the standards for sites over the internet, which are ever changing. All you need to do is get the regular updates from WordPress Automattic team.


Despite the fact that you need a little technical know-how with WordPress.org, it still appears to be the better solution as it offers you great flexibility, at lower prices.

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