Ultimate WordPress Polls for Your Website

If you are in search of an exciting and easy way to sustain and/or increase audience or user engagement on your website, then you should consider using the services of the best providers in the market. The reason is not far-fetched, as your website requires efficient tools and the use of advanced technology to yield great outputs. Several great WordPress polls deliver the ultimate features and services needed for the best user engagement and interaction on a website. To find the best poll platform for your website, you have to consider some elements including;

  • Ease of use and how easily polls can be created on the platform
  • The ability to create attractive poll designs
  • The ability to post polls anywhere, including; sidebar widgets, posts and pages.
  • How the polls affect your website speed and responsiveness
  • If the plugin can show poll results with graphs and charts presentation.

Based on the factors listed above, we have made research on the ultimate WordPress polls for your website, so if you have been searching for that, here’s your answer.


WPForms is widely known in the online market as an excellent WordPress contact form and is said to be the best by many experts. In WPForms Pro plan, users now have access to create online polls and place them anywhere on their site, and also display poll results with beautifully designed charts. WPForms is the ultimate WordPress poll for your website because it provides you with all the features and services you need to create the best poll designs. With its add and drop feature, you can easily create or design interactive polls and surveys for your website.

There are several WordPress survey plugins in the market, but they lack the tools for proper analytic functions and reports. WPForms poll is designed with advanced techs and know-how that pay attention to the aesthetic designs of the polls, the polls functionality, analysis and reports. WPForms good Analytics and reporting help users to evaluate their website’s functionality and determine areas that need to twitch up.

WPForms powerful features and ease of use with the use of drag and drop features are available to users at reasonable prices.

The features on WPForms that makes its poll plugin and survey stand out amongst others to include;

Excellent Survey Reports

WPForms provide its users with great Analytics and report functions that allow them to monitor their website’s progress and functionality and also determine areas that need improvement. WPForms survey report is no doubt the best in the online market, due to its use of highly functional tools and services. If you are wondering why WPForms poll Analytics and reports are the best in the market, here’s why;

The use of aesthetically pleasing Visual Reports that are customizable

With the use of the real-time insights tool, users automatically build reports with great designs and excellent visualizations for individual questions. Website owners also have the option to customize the visualization type based on their preference.

It retroactively allows survey reports on older form versions

WPForms enabled the smart survey fields which is an advancement of the regular form fields. With this tool, users can retroactively enable reports on their older forms. To activate this setting, users can edit existing forms from the settings tab. With this advancement, questions are not repeated to site users.

Real-time Reports

With the WPForms website owners can access user’s results immediately after a user submits a poll survey on their site. Website owners can also place polls inside a post, on a WordPress site sidebar widget, on a page and any other area on a website.

Print style customizations

If you need to print the reports of a written proposal as a website owner, WPForms provides you with several aesthetically pleasing styles and Customization tools that allow you to edit or design a unique print report.

Amazing Survey Logic

With the use of excellent survey logic, users can personalize their survey questions based on the previous answer of their website users or visitors. This feature is a great way to “wow” your website users and keep them interested in interacting with your site more frequently. You also have the option to arrange items on your site randomly. To do this, navigate to the “Advanced Option” button and tick the “Randomize Choices” to enable.

Newly Improved and added Form Templates 

Asides from the other nice templates on the platform, WpForm has added two form templates that offer users ease of use and customization/design for survey and poll forms.

Amongst other polls in the online market, WPForms offer users the best services and features for their site, with advanced interactive tools and report functions.


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