UberSuggest : Is This Best Keyword Suggestion Tool

Using the right keywords is one of the most important ingredients in SEO, and that is where UberSuggest comes in. it is one of the most popular and comprehensive keyword suggestion tool that helps you not only discover keywords but with other SEO aspects and online marketing campaigns as well.

This amazing tool was created by Alessandro Martin who is currently the head of SEO at RMI. The tool is quite easy to use and ranked among the most user friendly research tool for keywords. Despite its simplicity, it is actually a very powerful tool that really helps in optimization.


  • Free

The tool is absolutely free. There are no hidden fees or charges that you will meet when utilizing UberSuggest. None of its functions are limited and there are no goodies hidden behind a pay wall. Right from the very start, you will have access to everything there is in the great keyword suggestion tool at zero cost.

  • Real and reliable data

The results obtained by this tool are very reliable. This is due to the fact that it pulls data from many trusted keyword tools as well as from Google suggest. This is in addition to the fact that UberSuggest will always scape all the results so as to return only real keywords and phrases that have been searched by actual people. In other words, you only get keywords that people are actually searching on the web.

  • Comprehensive keyword results

This tool, as simple as it is, will offer hundreds of results that are all related to your need. You can actually drill further down the list and come up with even more suggestions.

  • Easy to use

UberSuggest is incredibly easy to use. The user interface is very user friendly and even beginners will have quite an easy time with it. If you prefer a simple and uncluttered approach of researching your keywords, then this is the tool for you.


  • Lack of advanced features

As great as the tool is, it lacks some of the extremely advance features that you might find on the premium packages of its competitors. Such features include information on keyword ranking and the competition that a keyword faces.

Search Engine Optimization is not everyone’s cup of tea, and might actually make blogging a bit boring for many.However, we simply cannot ignore how important it is when blogging is done as a profession.

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