How to make money on Fiverr 1k/month

The website offers quite an enticing arrangement for both buyers and sellers through customized gigs that each go for five dollars. It eliminates all the need to do price negotiations and hustle to get a suitable person for a job.

There are workers waiting to do nearly any type of job available such as article writing, proofreading, graphic designing, voice overs and copy editing among many others. In fact, you can earn by doing literally anything, as long as you get someone willing to pay for it.

Daniel is one of the successful members of Fiverr who earns more than 1K every month, and only works on Fiverr part-time. When asked what his secret is, he simply insisted on optimization and doing everything right the first time.What he does for optimization includes;

What to do.

  • Perfect your product

Whatever it is that your intent to sell on the site, it needs to be the best it can possibly be. Uniqueness and high quality will go a long way in helping you beat your competition and stand out as the best, resulting in more orders than you can imagine streaming into your account.

  • Creating the gig

This is another important step that many seem to overlook. Your gig is what will actually sell you, so it needs to be really solid. Make sure you get a very catchy title and in the description part, capture as many points as you can use the least possible number of words. Make sure the buyer knows exactly what you are offering and how you intend to deliver it.

  • Gig image

The image of you gig might make it really stand out. Find some inspirations from gigs offering services that are similar to yours and use that to come up with images that truly stands out.

  • Keywords/tags

Having your gig tagged correctly will help you rank highly on Fiver search results and probably land you some more orders.

Udemy Course on fiverr

Currently, there are millions of gigs listed on the Fiverr website with the number growing with each passing day. This might make most of the potential workers to shy away. That should not be the case. There is still an amazing opportunity for anyone to earn more than 1k per month, but only if the right measures and actions are taken.

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