How To Track Enhanced eCommerce in Restricted Content Pro and GiveWP

As an online business owner, you need to be alert at all times and watch your business growth or regression. Keeping track of your eCommerce trade at all times will give you the up hand and enable you to make swift decisions for the good of your business. Recently, tracking enhanced eCommerce in Restricted Content Pro and GiveWP. The technology behind “Restrict Content Pro,” enables online business owners to get access to everything they need to create contents restricted to all parties, but staffs of an eCommerce site, a membership website, and even an online course. This technology provides users with the best encryption tools, and access can only be granted to authorized staff members or students on an online course. Just like the Restricted Content Pro, GiveWP also provides users with a great system and encryption tools. Its excellent fundraising cause ensures maximum security and encryption for donors and managers of the platforms. All these works can be easily managed on your WordPress site, but the issue sets in when you cannot track the functionality of these integrations. As a business owner or fundraiser, you may need insights into the progress of your eCommerce trade, membership site, online course, and funds raised for your event.

There is no better way to achieve this aim than in the most convenient ways, that is why Monsterinsights has introduced the perfect solution, with its Improved eCommerce addon that enables all online business owners, using the Restricted Content Pro and GiveWP integrations track operations on their registered websites, easily. With this new integration on MonsterInsights, you will not only develop your eCommerce store but also improve your visitors and customer engagement, shopping behaviour and grow your store, by improving your business revenue.

To determine how well your eCommerce store is faring and work on improving your business where it is found wanting, you need the MonsterInsights eCommerce addon that gives you the quickest and easiest access to tracked reports without the need for a code or a website developer. The MonsterInsights eCommerce plugin offers users amazing experiences with a great dashboard design, advanced accuracy on reports and compatibility enhancements. With the few steps below, you can track your Restricted content pro site or GiveWP fundraising site.

To set up eCommerce Tracking on your WordPress account using MonsterInsights in Google Analytics;

  • Sign in to your Google Analytics account
  • Choose the website you would like to use the eCommerce tracking tool for

click on google analytics view

  • Click on “Admin on the bottom right side of the menu bar

click admin

  • Select eCommerce settings on the bottom right side of the screen

click ecommerce settings under the right hand column

  • Click on the on/off toggle button under “Enable eCommerce”

click the button to enable ecommerce tracking

  • You can now enable “Enhanced eCommerce.” This option is optional for regular setups
  • Select the “Next” option
  • Mark the on/off toggle button to activate Enhanced eCommerce Settings

submit your ecommerce tracking settings

After setting up the eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics, install the MonsterInsights Plugin, if you haven’t

  • Sign in or signup for MonsterInsights services with a valid email account


  • Activate the plugin with your Google Analytics account

Install/activate the eCommerce Addon. To activate this addon, you need to be subscribed to the pro license plan on MonsterInsights and follow the steps below;

  • Navigate the “Insights” in MonsterInsights
  • Select “Addons” from the listed options
  • Click on the “Install” button to install the eCommerce addon using MonsterInsights
  • After successful installation, click on the “Activate” icon


  • Navigate to Settings


  • Click on the eCommerce option on the top of the menu
  • Turn on the option that reads, “Use Enhanced eCommerce”
  • This will automatically activate all on your eCommerce account, without further setups”

Now that tracking has been activated, all activities of your customers, fundraisers, and other important data including your eCommerce store’s revenue, transactions, conversion rates and average order value will be saved. With MosterInsights eCommerce reports, you can easily access this information. To can gain access to your eCommerce statistics through the steps below;

  • Navigate to Insights on MonsterInsights
  • Click on the “Reports” option
  • Select the “eCommerce” icon from the dashboard


  • The total transactions done in your store will be shown in a report


  • You can scroll down the page to access the top conversion rates in your store
  • To view the details of all reports, click on the “View Your Report” tab at the bottom of every report.

You can also see Google Analytics report on the number of transactions / eCommerce sales of your store, and access the revenue data. To get these reports;

  • Go to “Acquisition”
  • Select “All Traffic”
  • Click on “Source / Medium
  • Select “E-commerce” from the options beneath the Explorer menu
  • A table, displaying revenues and transactions on your eCommerce store will be shown. Track eCommerce sales in Google Analytics

With these reports, you can successfully manage your eCommerce store and fundraising project amongst other projects with MonsterInsights easy solutions for tracking Enhanced eCommerce in Restricted Content Pro and GiveWP.


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