How to Track Email Open Rates

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 Email tracking is a process that enables online business users to monitor the number of opens and clicks they have on their emails, which allows them to follow up on leads and online business applications. With email tracking, users can determine the metrics of their email marketing campaigns, which would help them improve their efficiency and quality.

WP Mail STMP is one of the best products for this function, and it is a product of WPFORMS, which gives users access to other amazing services and offers. With the new open and click tracking with the resend option, and as well as others, users would enjoy amazing services and features. The new release provides users with tons of amazing features that would provide them with details on the number of opens and clicks received on their site emails.

The app is packed with all the amazing features users need to enjoy game-changing experiences, but with the Pro option, users enjoy even more exceptional services.

The email clicks and open tracker is your best bet if you;

  • Run an online commerce store
  • Want to measure open rates on online courses sale
  • Send sales emails or mailshots from a WordPress site

Some other amazing features and services that can be enjoyed using the email open and click tracker includes;

Resend option

With the Resend option, users can easily resend their WordPress emails, and this feature is available to the Pro customers, on subscription. Emails can be resent directly from the WordPress email log, which provides users with easy function and control. This option is most useful when an email that was previously sent didn’t go successfully. Users can send it to the initial recipient or send it to a different person by simply changing the recipient.

Multiple sends

This feature comes with the resend email option, and it enables users to send emails to several recipients at a go. With the smart queueing system of the email tracker, multiple messages can be sent without staggering or slowing a user’s site down.

Option to Save Email Attachment

If you have been frustrated because you couldn’t perform this function before, the new version with Pro subscription provides you with this easily. When the Save Email Attachment feature is enabled, users can save attachments as well as the original emails, with very simple functions. Users don’t have to worry about their disk spaces either, as they can be deleted with the email logs, very easily. When you save attachments, you can also use the resend feature to share them with others.

Logs from Network Aggregated Emails

This feature is specially designed for multi-site customers, and it is designed to enable them to load the emails of their several subsites from one place. Users don’t need to go through the stress of logging into different subsites to access their emails, which saves them time and stress. The Pro release version includes this new feature, and users can easily install the multimeter option from the email log page. You may think of the hitches that come with this feature, but the email tracker has it all covered, as users can easily search for the subsite they would like to access, which makes it easy for them to shuffle through hundreds of subsites under one roof. They can also access the log file of any site they want in seconds, and customize individual settings pages for the different sites if they want.

EML Export Feature

In the last release of the WP Mail STMP tracker, users were awed by the log export feature for XLSX and CSV formats, but the new version brings them a new log export function, which enables them to export EML log formats. This feature was not available in the previous version, and with it on the new one, users will enjoy a better function from the tracker with more advanced tools. With its integration on the Pro version, users can send or export EML files individually and open them in the email client that suits their preference. The new EML export feature also allows users to export bulk EML files in 1 ZIP.

If you are wondering why this feature is so exceptional, it is because emails sent in the EML format gives users the exact picture of what was sent. This feature is best for users that want their email template to be presented as they sent it, it is also very useful in storing archives in a visual format.


There are several other amazing features yet to be released on the WP Mail STMP email tracker, but with the current technology and amazing features available on the platform, users will enjoy the best open and click email tracking services they need to boost their online content.

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