How to Set Up hCaptcha (Free and Privacy-focused)

One of the essential aspects of owning a website is its safety and upkeep. Aside from the contents on the website and the purpose of use, you have to ensure that your website is safe for all visitors and free from spam and other insecure content. The integration of anti-spam and other security aids is essential but don’t be in a hurry  as you need something simple to keep your website clear of unnecessary loads. With the new hCaptcha integration, website owners shouldn’t worry about their site’s protection, as the program is built with advanced spam prevention tools and a better protective system than the previous versions.

If you will like to setup hCaptcha and keep your website’s security untampered, follow these steps to guide you through the setup process for WPforms

Get hCaptcha keys

  • Start by logging into your WordPress site and access your WPForms settings.
  • Follow the CAPTCHA tab on the top of your screen

  • A number of options will appear on the Captcha versions. Ensure you select the hCaptcha option
  • Sign in to your hCaptcha account, and if you do not have one, select the signup tab
  • Follow the signup process and log in to your hCaptcha account
  • Select the “New Site” button in the upper right corner of the page, to begin the setup process

  • A setup form will open after the “New Site” page comes up
  • Under the “Add New Sitekey,” you can enter a name/purpose of the site key or leave it blank
  • You can customise additional settings under “General Information.”
  • Hostnames; the URL for the site you will like to activate hCaptcha on can be placed here.
  • Captcha difficulty; this entails the difficulty level your website visitor will be presented with
  • Filter Captcha by audience interest; You can (optionally) choose any three interests that will depict the type of contents to be shown in your hCaptchas
  • After customisation, ensure you save your settings.



  • You will be redirected to your site key settings after customizing your hCaptcha settings.
  • You can access your entire site key page if you click on the “Settings” button, which will drop down more details about your site key.
  • Once you open the “Settings” tab, copy all contents in the box underneath “Site Key.”

  • Navigate to your Wpforms settings and paste your site key in the required section. (The page that comes up after you select hCaptcha as your Captcha version on Wpforms)


  • The option for “Secret Key” will be blank, and you can get that from the hCaptcha settings
  • Close the Site key settings tab by clicking on the save button.
  • Click on the settings tab on hCaptcha and copy your secret key
  • Navigate to the Wpforms page and paste the copied content to the required section

  • After adding both keys to your Wpforms, you can customise more hCaptcha settings that includes;
  • Fail Message; the error content to be displayed when a user fails the hCaptcha verification test.
  • No-conflict Mode; conflict could occur when there are several active Captchas on your website. The no-conflict mode will automatically remove any Captcha code that is not loaded by Wpforms.
  • Preview; this setting will show you a preview of your hCaptcha, so you can make corrections if it is not customised to your taste.

Add hCaptcha to a form

After your keys setup, you can add hCaptcha to any of your Wpforms, either new or existing.

  • Open your form builder and click on the “Fields” section under “Settings.”
  • You will find hCaptcha on the several options that pop after you select the “Fields” option. This is to confirm that hCaptcha is enabled (NOTE; you can turn on/off hCaptcha, under the general settings, through the “Enable hCaptcha” option.

Now that your setup is complete, you can be assured you have a safe site running under the advanced tools and privacy-focused hCaptcha at no cost.

Some Frequently Asked Questions on hCaptcha 

  1. Is it possible to use multiple hCaptcha, and why are they used?

Yes. Multiple hCaptchas can be used, but this depends on the difficulty settings of the site, the programmed confidence in a visitor’s humanity and other security forces

2. What browsers does hCaptcha support?

hCaptcha works on all major browsers on mobile and desktop devices.

3. How can a person with visual impairment and other disabilities pass through the hCaptcha test?

There is a solution that offers disabled persons full access to a website, following the WCAG and Sectiokln 508 requirements for publishers who need to meet these standards.

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