How to Easily Use Lead Source Tracking in Google Analytics

If you wonder how people know which websites or marketing campaigns to invest in or want to discover which channels you should pay more attention to developing, you are not alone. As a website owner or builder, you are charged with evaluating lead generation campaigns and their performance. This is achievable through a lead source tracking setup that enables you to follow up the traffic source of your website by tracking your website visitors and providing you with helpful information about your website’s engagement. Using lead sources to track in Google Analytics will enable you to identify the most acceptable channels by your website visitors and provide you with information on specific webpages, marketing strategies or campaigns, and public opinions on your content.

There are several reasons why you should be interested in tracking your lead sources as an online marketer or website owner. The fundamental reasons for lead source tracking in Google Analytics include;

  • Obtain valuable information on your visitors; Information like your visitor’s location, the channels they use, and content they like can be obtained through lead source tracking, enabling you to determine the geographical location that’s more receptive to your content allow you to understand your visitors better.
  • Discover new contents with ideas from traffic sources of people from different channels
  • It helps you identify channels that perform poorly and, which helps you improve your content or focus on better performing channels.

From our research, we have discovered that many users find it overwhelming to use Google Analytics, but with the right WordPress plugin, the process of tracking lead sources on the platform will be easier to figure out. MonsterInsights can easily pass for the best WordPress plugin for Google Analytics, as it adds Google Analytics to your websites and provides you with lead reports on your WordPress dashboard.

With this plugin integration, you can monitor your lead source tracking in Google Analytics easily and quickly, through the following ways;

Install MonsterInsights on your WordPress site 

The first step is to install the MonsterInsights plugin, which grants you access to details on lead sources and where they come from. With this WordPress analytics plugin, you can access several reports that include;

monsterinsights best wordpress plugin for google analytics

Overview Report 

This report displays your website’s overall performance, including a device breakdown report that displays the devices your visitors use in percentage. To get this report;

  • Go to “Insights”
  • Click on the “Reports” menu
  • Select “Overview”

Mobile Device Breakdown - MonsterInsights

You can also view the “top 10 countries” your users are from and determine the websites that send the most traffic to your site on the “top 10 referrals report” page.

identify Countries That Bring in the Most Traffic

Search Console Report

This report displays your website’s keyword ranking. It displays up to 50 top Google search terms mainly used on your website, including the Click-through rate, impressions, clicks, and average positions. You can configure your site with Google’s Search Console, which optimises your site with keyword searches that develop lots of traffic.

how to see where traffic is coming from google analytics

Real-Time Report

This tracker displays traffic from referrals and places that are live on your website. It is beneficial in monitoring website leads or market campaigns for new products or contents, thereby displaying your visitor’s and users’ locations in real-time.

top countries and cities real time report

eCommerce Report

If you own an online store, then you’ll be interested in monitoring where most of your conversion sources come from; the eCommerce report on Google  Analytics will help you discover which websites create traffic or leads that convert to your online store.


How to Track Lead Sources in Google Analytics 

You can also track website traffic or leads in Google Analytics, which helps you monitor where the leads or traffic sources are from in Google Analytics. It is very easy to get confused when monitoring this process, as several reports can be used to track website lead sources. To find essential data on this report;

  • Log in to your Google Analytics account and click on the “Acquisition” menu
  • Select “All Traffic” from the dropdown menu
  • Click on “Channels”

how to see where traffic is coming from google analytics

A page will appear, displaying the web traffic results that show you the lead sources of channels that drive your WordPress site’s most traffic. You can also navigate to the “Source/Medium” report under “All Traffic” to narrow down the source of your traffic, together with the channel.

Now that you have determined the traffic source on your website, you can be specific and search for the traffic sources on different pages. The steps are pretty straightforward, and they include;

  • To begin, log in to your Google Analytics account
  • Navigate to “Behaviour: and select “Site”

source medium traffic source

From here, you can view the traffic or lead sources of all your website’s landing pages.

The next step is;

To search for “Source/Medium” under “Acquisition.”

Here, you will find the full content of your website’s landing pages and its traffic source.


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