How to create a Facebook business page

With more than 1 billion daily active users, Facebook has become one of the major ingredients of any online inbound marketing strategy. Every business needs to have an active page in order for them to succeed in social media marketing and thus, creating a great and attractive page is key. The features of Facebook keep on changing, and so does the process of setting up a page.

This guide will help you create a Facebook business page in the most convenient way possible.

Step one

Start by navigating to the page You will find 6 classifications for you to choose from which all try to get a general description of the business that you are running. It is important that you select the right option as it will provide more relevant fields for the page that you desire. The classifications are;

  1. Local business/Place
  2. Company, Institution or Organization
  3. Artist/Public figure/band
  4. Brand/Product
  5. Entertainment
  6. Cause/Community

Once you select the relevant classification, you will be required to provide an official name for the business page.

Step two

This step is basically about completing the basic information. Facebook will ideally walk you through the four sections that follow, which are;

  • About section

This section as the main company description and is only 2 to 3 sentences. It will be displayed on the main page so it should be very descriptive but succinct. You can also include your website link here. From here, you can also select your unique domain

  • Upload profile picture

This is the main visual icon of the page which will appear in search results as well as alongside the comments that you will publish.

  • Add to favorites

Individual Facebook users have a navigation bar located to the left of the News Feed. That is where you can add your business page as a ‘Favorite’.

  • Reach more people

Here, you will be prompted to create an ad that will be used to draw people’s attention to your page.

Step three

This step involves understanding the admin panel. The basic structure of the page is already done and you are able to start tweaking a few things including page info, notifications and page roles. You can even like your own page.

Step four

This is where you get to populate your page with content. The page will populate over time if you keep publishing updates. Posts can be plain text, photo with caption, video with caption, link with caption, event page or location check-in.

With enough content published, you strategically start inviting users to like it.


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