How to become an Amazon affiliate

Anyone with a website can qualify as an affiliate of Amazon and start earning from it. This can be done through the Amazon Associates program. This affiliate marketing program was launched back in the year 1996 making it among the very first of its kind, and have only been growing ever since. It has a long track record of coming up with solutions to help owners of websites, Amazon sellers and web developers make money through advertisements of the millions of products that are offered in and its subsidiaries.

Steps to follow

  1. Set up your blog or website

You must have a website address in order to apply for the Amazon Associates Program. You should also be able to describe what you site is all about, other affiliate listings or advertisements on your site if there are any, and the audience that you target.

  1. Visit

Login to Amazon and find the list of associates account under your current account. You can also create a new one by creating a new Amazon account and clicking on ‘Join Associates’.

  1. Join for free

Select the option ‘New Customer’ and input your name and email address, then choose a password to create the account

  1. Filling application fields

Input all your other details including contact information and physical address.

  1. Familiarize yourself

It is important to get familiar with the setup and features of the Amazon Associates account and learn how to attain success with it. The tools are on the left side of the page. More on the program can be found on Associates blog, discussion forums and help features.

  1. Website name

Input the url and name of your website and answer the questions related to it including the topics it contains and what it is about.

  1. Amazon Associates agreement

Read through the agreement and if you are comfortable with it, click on ‘Finish’.

  1. Approval

You will have to wait for your account to be approved. A notification will be sent to you once this is done. After that, you can start to add affiliate products to your site.

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