How to Automate your Work with Zapier and Wpforms

You can automate your work with the Wpforms Zapier addon that enables you to connect your WordPress forms with thousands of web apps that support the integration of endless possibilities. Using Zapier to connect your forms with web applications enable you to perform the following functions;

  • Add a Google contact
  • Generate a lead in Salesforce
  • Generate invoices on FreshBooks
  • Send text messages using Twilio
  • Add a customer in QuickBooks
  • Generate a contact in Hubspot
  • Receive notifications from Slack
  • Create a task in Trello or Asana, and enjoy thousands of other integrations and automation.

With this automation, Wpforms users will enjoy easy and advanced use of the platform at extremely affordable costs. To install and use Zapier to automate your work on Wpforms,  follow the steps below;

Note: To automate Wpforms with Zapier, you will need to have installed and activated Wpforms.

  • Install the Zapier Addon
  • Go to Wpforms Addons page
  • Search for Zapier in the “Search Addon” option
  • Click on the “Install Add-on” button

For confirmation of the installation, you will see an “Active Status.”

  • After the Zapier addon is activated, refresh the Wpforms page
  • Go to settings and select the “Integrations” tab

Since Zapier has been activated on Wpforms, you will see a Zapier option

  • Click on the Zapier option to access more details


  • A tab containing details of your Zapier API key will open. Keep this tab open, as you will need the information later.


  • Create an Integrating(Zap) in Zapier

Integrations are called zaps on Zapier. Zaps enable you to send information from Wpforms to other platforms. You can create a zap through these steps;

  • Sign in to your Zapier account and create one if you haven’t
  • After successful login, click on the Black box with a cross sign in the upper left corner of the page
  • You will see a setup page for a new zap
  • Use the search box under “Choose App and Event.”
  • Search for Wpforms to use as your first app


  • A trigger option will be displayed on the screen after you choose Wpforms
  • There is only one trigger option on Wpforms, which is the “New Form Entry.”


  • Select the continue button
  • You will be redirected to a new page, where you will have to Zapier to Wpforms on your site
  • On this page, you will need to add your Zapier API key


  • Navigate to the tab that had your API key and copy the details
  • Paste it on the required section
  • Enter your website’s URL. Cross-check to ensure it is correct
  • Approve Zapier’s access to your Wpforms account by clicking on the “Yes, Continue” button

C:\Users\DREAM\Downloads\Connect-your-site-to-Zapier.jpg C:\Users\DREAM\Downloads\Choose-an-account-in-Zapier-1.jpg C:\Users\DREAM\Downloads\Customize-form-entry-in-Zapier.jpg

  • Once the site is connected, you will be prompted to select an account to use for your Zap
  • Click on the dropdown menu and select continue
  • You will see a “Customise Form Entry” box, select the form you want to use, and click on the “Continue” button
  • You will be directed to the “Find data” step, which allows you to add

C:\Users\DREAM\Downloads\Test-your-account-connection-2.jpg samples to test Zapier connection on your Wpforms site

  • Choose the “Test and Continue” or “Test and Review” button before you proceed


  • If you chose the “Test and Review” option, you would see the forms you entered during setup. Click the “Done Editing” button after authentication
  • If you chose the “Test and Continue” option, you will be directed to “Choose App and Event” after confirming your sample entries


  • Your integration process is now complete, and you can automate your work with Zapier and Wpforms, which makes work very easy and stress-free.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Automating your Works with Zapier and Wpforms include;

  1. When using Zapier integration with my form, can I disable entry storage?

Yes. When setting up a zap, you will need at least one entry for the process. After the setup process, you can disable the entry storage, as it will be irrelevant.

2. Is the Zapier integration on Wpformsfree?

Yes, but to an extent. You can access Zapier with Wpforms for free, but some zaps or integrations on Zapier, which allow you to connect to other web apps,may either be free or may be available at some costs.


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