How does web hosting affect SEO?

Your web hosting service provider (the company hosting your website) can influence your SEO efforts in many ways. Web hosting serves many of the most popular companies in recruitment agencies. Network providers will do their best to improve their ranking by using SEO for recruitment agencies. A good hosting provider can help you achieve your SEO goals faster, while a poor quality hosting provider may hinder your work. First, let me first explain the meaning of the term SEO web hosting. We directly explain the impact of hosting service providers on SEO and finally explain how to choose a web hosting service provider suitable for SEO.

Seo web hosting


There is no formal definition of seo web hosting because it is not a program or product itself but a term people use to describe anseo-friendly web hosting provider. Although anseo-friendly provider does not provide unique features that can improve seo, it does not do any bad things that would harm seo. In other words, anseo web hosting provider is a provider that does not follow practices that hurt seo (shown below).

Seo affected by the hosting provider

Search engine optimization is a set of rules applied to your website to have greater exposure and visibility to search engines. Among these rules, some are related to and affected by your hosting provider, such as

  • Performance (speed)
  • Availability (uptime),
  • Security
  • Seo awareness.

Website speed: the speed of a website is a known seo factor and one of the items that affect the seo of the page. Your website should load as fast as possible to take advantage of seo benefits and provide a better experience for your users, which will lead to more conversions.

To have a fast website, you need to do two things.

Sufficient resources:

  1. An excellent hosting service provider with sufficient resources, a good data center infrastructure, and fast hardware

Well- coded website:

  1. A well-coded website with optimized codes and images for the second part, you can control this. Still, for the first part, if the provider’s hardware is not suitable, this will also affect your website’s performance, and your only option is to migrate to a more trusted provider.

For the second part, this is something you can control, but for the first part, if the provider’s hardware is not suitable, this will also affect your website’s performance, and your only option is to migrate to a more trusted provider.

Website usability:

Another factor that affects your search engine ranking is website usability. Search engines (especially google) do not like to redirect users to unavailable sites, which is why they check and can (at least temporarily) delete their indexed sites with usability issues. The website’s availability is the web hosting provider’s responsibility; otherwise, your online reputation may be damaged. The worst-case scenario is that this happens while you sleep, and without proper website monitoring tools, you will lose customers and traffic.


You may take all measures to protect your website, but it’s like building a sandcastle if the hosting provider doesn’t do this. For those of you who have experienced hacked websites, you know what i’m talking about and how frustrating it is to see your business hacked. A website with low security is likely to be infected with malware. If the problem cannot be solved quickly, the index will be deleted, and the domain will be blacklisted.

Seo awareness:

If your hosting provider does not know what seo is and does not understand the basic principles, they may sometimes do things that will harm your work without knowing what they are doing. For example, in some cases, my hosting provider restricted google robots in robots.txt because they made multiple visits to my website! Those who know what robots.txt is can understand how friendly seo is to providers. This is just an example. I have seen vendors shut down sites because they have a lot of traffic or because the site’s infrastructure cannot handle the additional load (despite their promise to provide unlimited resources) and ask the webmaster to remove the plugin (for example, live chat). Most importantly, hosting providers should not take any measures that might damage your seo or reputation because of inefficiency, and more importantly, they should not do so without your permission.


In conclusion, web hosting providers can play a role in the success of your website. Although there is no such seo web hosting company, by choosing a reliable and trustworthy provider, you can protect your website from unpleasant surprises (also affecting seo) (such as slow loading speed, downtime, and security risks). Many providers provide quality services, but if you don’t know which one to choose, the above four providers can provide you with quality services at competitive prices.


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