5 Effective ways to get more followers on Twitter

Nearly every Twitter user is always concerned with getting more and more followers. There are some who are interested in not only the numbers, but the quality of followers as well. This is so due to many reasons, among the main ones being for marketing purposes.

There are a few measures that you can take in order to get Twitter followers free and maintain the number of those followers on. Some of them are highlighted below.

  1. Profile

You must put in a great deal of creativity in your profile, ensuring that it is complete and has a relevant avatar. For example, you might want to use your brand image or company logo instead of just any photo as your avatar. Allowing people to know exactly who you are and all your interests is key.

  1. What to tweet

Make sure that you compose tweets that are interesting or funny, and are thought-provoking. A follower will most likely take a glimpse of your most recent posts and make a judgment on whether or not to follow you based on that. A few tips on this are; add variety, post links and multimedia that are interesting and be transparent and proactive. This might earn you free Twitter followers instantly.

  1. When to tweet

Tweet as often as appropriate, and at the right time of the day. Remaining active is important as no one will want to follow a person who never tweets. Ideally, one post per day should be the minimum that you do but two is more recommended so as to maximize your visibility.

Make sure you post at the time of day when you have the highest number of active people, with consideration of time zones. Do not however, inundate the followers that you already have, with too many tweets as it might appear to be spammy and cause them to unfollow you.

  1. Use of hashtags

This is one of the best ways of connecting to people who have similar interests as you, as well as to increase the visibility of the tweets. Make use of hashtags that are already popular at the specific time. It is among the most effective ways to get Twitter followers for free. Remember to use them in moderation.

  1. Remember to follow back

It is good practice to follow back anyone who follows you, to avoid having them unfollowing you if they notice that you did not follow them back. It also allows more response to your publicly, earning you added exposure to their followers.


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