5 Effective ways to get more followers on Instagram

The popularity of Instagram has constantly been on the rise with its level of effectiveness rising as you get more and more followers. This is more so for those who are running a business that uses this platform of social media as a way of promoting the business by connecting with both existing and potential new clients. It can take quite some time to get an adequate number of followers. Not so many people are that patient and look for way to gain followers on Instagram fast.

There are a couple of things which you can do in order to greatly improve the number of the Instagram followers within a very short time, some of which are;

  1. Like photos

Liking photos of other people is one of the best ways through which you can get a lot of followers on Instagram. Simply start liking as many photos as you possibly can and hopefully, some of them who are not your followers already will now follow you.

  1. Comment on photos

Liking photos might actually not be enough on its own. You need to also comment on those photos to give it a more personal touch. Make sure the comments are carefully thought through in such a way that they will incline the user towards following you. You can keep the comments really simply in order for you to be able to comment on as many as you possibly can but remember, flattery will get you anywhere.

  1. Add comments and questions to your own photos

Instagram is almost entirely based on images and short videos, but that should not make you forget about the importance of words. Use unique, funny or clever quotes to caption your photos as a way of trying to engage with your followers and most probably, you will gain new ones in the process.

  1. Regular posting

Upload posts on a regular basis, but not too often. People will not follow you if they never see any posts from you. Make sure that the posts are relevant, beautiful and unique in a way as well as in-line with the current trends. Too much posting might appear as spam so be careful on getting the right balance.

  1. Posting time

Getting the right time of the day to post is essential. Make sure that you post at a time when you have the highest number of followers online so that your post doesn’t go unseen by many. Having the correct timing will help you get a lot of followers on Instagram.

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