Easy How-to: Form Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics

If you are trying to find your lead generation campaign’s value, you can do that by locating the source of people who filled or completed a form on your Website. This information can be gotten after you set up lead source tracking on your WordPress website, which gives you an insight into the source that improves the leads of your marketing campaigns and referral websites. With conversion tracking for forms in Google Analytics, you can determine your marketing progress and compare the forms that work best on your Website. Other information like optimising firm conversion rate and determining the forms that are mainly submitted can also be evaluated with Google Analytics form conversion tracking.

There are three ways to track your Website’s form conversion on Google Analytics, which helps you analyse what best suits the conversion into leads of your Website’s visitors, and they include;

  • Event
  • Event Conversion Goal
  • Destination Conversion Goal


You cannot track leads and their conversions on Google Analytics by default, and the manual process is pretty tedious. With MonsterInsights, one of the best plugins for Google Analytics, you can track form conversion and submission easily, without the need for any coding knowledge or skills.

The only step you need to take to set this plugin up is installing and activating “MonsterInsights forms addons.” You will not be bothered with additional settings and configurations, as it works as soon as the activation process is completed. Some of the tracking conversions with the MonsterInsights Addon include;

  • You don’t have to bother with setting up an appreciation page (also known as the Thank you page) or a conversion goal that aids the tracking of form submissions on your WordPress site, as this comes automatically with the installation of the MonsterInsights addon.
  • Once the plugin is activated, all forms created on your site will be tracked in your Google Analytics account automatically.
  • You can analyse form impressions and conversions with a detailed analytic report that gives you complete access to all your forms’ conversion tracking.
  • MonsterInsights works with any WordPress supported form plugin
  • You can track form submissions after enabling “Event Tracking” in Google Analytics.

To track the submission of forms as events, follow the steps below;

  • After installing the “MonsterInsights forms” addon
  • Click on the “Activate” tab to ensure the program is set for use


  • The form conversion information will be displayed on the WordPress Dashboard of your site
  • To access this information, Go to Insights
  • Click on “Reports” and then the forms button, which will display the complete report


All analytics will be displayed in percentage on the reports, including conversions and impressions.

Event Goal

Even though you do not need to generate a goal before tracking form submissions, you will have to develop a conversion tracking goal. The main benefit of creating an event goal for conversion tracking is that an appreciation/thank you page is automatically created for your tracking. To track conversion forms using an Event Goal, follow the steps below;

  • Log in to your Google Analytics account.
  • Choose the Website you will like to set an event goal.

click on google analytics view

  • Click on “Admin” located at the left side of the panel.

goals in view

  • Click “Goals” on the “Views” column.
  • Select the “+New Goal” button to set up a new goal.

click new goal button

  • You will be directed to fill in a description of your goal.
  • Select on the “Event” option and click on “Continue.”

track wordpress form conversions using event goal

You will need to be specific about the details of the event’s goal in the next step. The “Category” and “Action” fields are identified as form and conversion accordingly when MonsterInsights is used to track any form conversion; however, the “Label” aspect will differ for tracking different form conversions. You can also assign an integral value for the goal, although this is optional.

from conversion tracking event goal

  • Go to the page where you will find your WordPress form to determine the “Event Label.”
  • Right-click your form.
  • Select the option “Inspect.”

right click on the page, then click on inspect element

  • Select and copy the displayed “form id” as seen in the below screenshot.

determine form id

  • You can verify this function by going to “Behaviour,” “Events,” then “Overview.”

select form as event category

  • Click on “Form”.
  • On the “Primary Dimension” menu, select “Event Label.”

finding label for event conversion tracking

  • Confirm if the selected form id is on your list of Event Labels
  • If it is, navigate to your goal setup page and click on “Save.”

The third and final way to use form conversion tracking in Google Analytics is with the use of the Destination Goal type

It is the common method used for tracking form conversions, and it entails creating an appreciation/ thank you page. On this method, you will be prompted to follow the same steps used in creating “Events” to track form submissions and conversions; however, you will be prompted to select a “Goal Description.”

  • Select the “Destination” option and click on “Continue.”
  • Fill in the goal details you will like to be displayed

analytics goal description

  • Click on “Save”.


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