Top 8 Business Resolutions for the New Year

At different times in our lives,we set new goals to meet, either improve a healthy lifestyle, boost our businesses, or improve other aspects of our lives, and what other time is better for such resolutions than the start of a new year? Some resolutions are met, but sadly others aren’t, so in setting goals for yourself, you should be certain the resources within your reach will be sufficient in achieving set goals. If you will like to boost your website’s performance or online business operation, you will need to adopt some techniques to boost your productivity for the new year. To boost your online business operation, you will need to work on some core aspects of your business setup, including;

  • Improve your business presence across the web
  • Optimise web analytics and tracking
  • Improve user experience

As a business owner, improving in the above sectors of your website or an online business should be your top business resolutions for the new year and in other seasons, as every online strategy and service experience advancement now and then.

In improving your online business presence across the web, you should consider these resolutions

1. Keep a clean record of every detail concerning your website 

If you have been previously careless with your business records, you should take it extremely serious in the new year. Essential information like passwords for every account (involving your business) created, site reviews, site entries, domains, social media channels, and local media listings, amongst others, should be safely kept. Most times, these records could leave your company with the bearer’s (person charged with the responsibility of the service) exit due to resignation or sacking. In such conditions, no one in the company may be able to retrieve crucial information on the subject, so it is vital to keep such records where they could be easily retrieved.

2. Keep your listing and branding updated

Fundamentalissues like business listings, updating local directories and other accessibility options are crucial in improving your site’s Google ranking. Even if you are sceptical about your location and wouldn’t want to be found by your customers at your door, your site’s listing will affect your business reputation and make it imperative to other businesses or companies. If your business has no listing, this should be on the top of your business resolutions for the new year, so go ahead and sign up for listing and be sure to provide in-depth information, including images, logos or slogans. You should also ensure you follow up on updates and be consistent with effecting changes on your website or online business to match with the information on your site’s listing.

3. Boost your Social media relevance 

Social media is currently the fastest growing online platform, so if you are looking to boost your business performance, you should try getting the audience from the various social media platforms available. You can look into LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+, amongst others. Improving your business’s social media relevance should undoubtedly be on your list of top business resolutions for the new year, as these platforms have very engaging influence.

The second operation or base for your resolutions for the new year involves web analytics and tracking optimisation

4. Integrate your site with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools solutions 

If your website is not synced with Google Analytics, its solutions and its Webmaster tools, then your business operation still runs in the dark. Using these technologies will improve your business’s efficiency and grant you access to details that will help improve some aspects of your business that may be failing. Include these functions in your top business resolutions for the new year and enjoy a smoother and better functioning business.

5. Set up Google Analytics tracking 

Although many people think Google Analytics functions for eCommerce users primarily, there is more to its uses. It is a multipurpose tool that can be used to track several website goals, sales, traffic and leads. These tracking functions will help business owners review their performance, number of visitors and leads, enabling them to improve in areas that need twitching. All online business owners should be able to track the progress of different functions or services offered on their platform; therefore, it is important to include the Google Analytics tracking setup in your top business resolutions for the new year.

6. Optimise your page with SEOs

Although Google Analytics tracking provides great tracking functions for your website that helps improve your business performance, you will get the most efficient results with search engine optimisation. This integration should not be a day’s task but a routine. With SEOs, you can monitor your URL structure, avoid stuffing keywords, add headers, optimise title tags, and perform several other functions.

The final base for your top resolutions for the new year should be based on improving your user’s or customer’s experience. You can do this by;

7. Improving your website’s conversion 

You should improve your website’s design and provide your users with premium information on the services for which they visit your site or online business platform. Improving your site’s conversion also involves a clear and well-defined distinction on your headers, clear CTAs on every page in your site. You should also pay attention to user testing, and since they are various user testing options available, finding an affordable one with all the features you need, should not be a difficult task.

8. The final things on your list of top eight business resolutions should be to add a blog and be portable

Most people run their operations from distances, and since the world is going mobile, you should make your services available to a user at different locations. You may offer the most amazing experience on your platform, but when your users cannot reach you at certain moments, they tend to move on to a competitor (who has durable mobile access). You should also add a blog to your website, as it will automatically add value to your business. Adding a blog to your site could possibly attract backlinks and improve your rankings for long keyword phrases.

These may seem like a lot to achieve within a short time, but they will help improve your business, and that’s why they should be on your list of the top eight business resolutions for the new year


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